"Time Travelers" ...Jack Beckman vs. Courtney Force at OC...Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13"x19") Signed and numbered by the artist only.
As with most legends, details may vary depending on who you talk to...Some say this occurrence happened during the Halloween "Fox Hunt", others say it happened during the "Manufacturers Meet," and some say it never happened at all. 
There was a Full Moon on this particular night at the OC. The Tower's Public Address System had just announced a very special exhibition run at Midnight. The announcer admitted that there was some sort of mix-up with the paperwork, and he himself didn't know who it was making this guest appearance.        
Moments before the clock would strike the "Midnight Hour," an unusually dense fog rolled from the ocean, engulfing the entire staging lanes with an eerie silence ...
As the clock struck midnight, the unmistakable sound of two nitro gulping engines cracking to life, broke the silence with a shock wave. Just then, the tower's PA system went dead, as two strange looking vehicles slowly emerged from the fog bank covering the staging lanes. 
Both vehicles made the turn into the bleachbox,  and preceded to do their burnouts.
Now, descriptions of these two cars vary greatly. There was strange unfamiliar names and signs all over the cars, although there were some familiar sounding names, like "Charger" and "Mustang,"  but they certainly didn't look anything like their namesakes. Some say the cars looked like an upside down bathtub, or an eggshell cut in half. Others say they were some sort pickup trucks, as the back half of the vehicles appeared to have pickup beds. 
As the two cars staged amidst the familiar fragrance of nitro and burnt rubber, the crowd starred in silence, hypnotized by the event.
Both cars lit the Pre-Staged bulbs and paused, as the sound of the motors changed suddenly to a deep thundering rumble. The headers began spewing tremendous clouds of raw fuel all over the starting line area, as the two cars inched forward to light the second bulb...
What happened next, again, varies with whomever you talk to. 
As the Christmas Tree hit Green, a deafening thunderous noise knocked the crowds back in their seats shaking and the earth to it's core. 
Some say these must have been some kind of jet cars, because they were shooting 15' flames out of the sides, while other are convinced these were nitro breathing monsters. 
Whatever they were! They ripped down the OC quarter mile stopping the clocks at an the unreal speed of 332mph, and although the white car took the win light, both cars ran identical ET's of 4.48 seconds. Not only were they 2 seconds quicker then any car at the time, they also went 100mph faster! 
As the two cars in a ragging blur, streaked across the finish line, they hit the chutes and disappeared into another fog back that had engulfed the shutdown area, never to be seen again!
Actually, this painting was created as a Birthday present for Jack Beckman since he never got to run at the OC.... 

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