"The Tiger and the Ram!" Gary Dyer match racing Arnie Beswick.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
 1967 was certainly a transformative year for Funny Car racing...Although the likes of Don Nicholson and Jack Chrisman, were fast proving that their flip-top Mercury Cyclones was the wave of the future, not all racers had that same idea. Beswick's GTO, and Mr. Norm's Charger are two good examples of that...
      Both of these cars were built featuring the best ideas that developed during the 65 season. Both cars had full fiberglass bodies, and working opening doors. The Charger crew had to work on the engine by removing the doors, where as the GTO had a removable front end for easier access...The Charger had a square tube frame, while the GTO was a tube chassis...The Goat sat up high for more wait transfer, while the Charger had a nose-down low profile. 
While both these teams were having new flip-top cars being built, they did manage to match race these two cars against each other all across the country. They barnstormed from New York to Fontana California, performing two out of three match races, and trilling fans from coast to coast.
In this painting we see Gary Dyer match racing Arnie Beswick at what looks like either Capital, or maybe Cecil County Raceway in MD, in the summer of 67. Both cars ran in the mid to low 8's, at upwards of 170 mph. The Charger now featuring a 3 inch chopped top, which gave to car a long sleek look, and much more down force, while the GTO rode high to transfer the weight rearward. Both cars ran supercharged engines on nitro...

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