The "Real (Purple) McCoy" Hayden Proffitt's Original 65 Comet...

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
This is a secret little gem in the world of A/FX cars,,, Hayden Proffitt's old 65 Comet...
The car was sold to McCoy Mercury in Rising Sun Maryland. I talked to Ron Riley the driver of the car, and he told me that when they received the car, Hayden had completely stripped it. McCoy Mercury basically rebuilt the car from the ground up...
They repainted the car this awesome Lavender Purple, added the blue tinted side windows, restored the interior and they even straightened-out the front bumper...Absolutely a Beautiful car!
The car is now restored to Hayden's Original version.

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