The "Paper Tiger"...Ronnie Sox & Bud Martin's 65 Plymouth Belvedere FX Match-Racer

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 650 (13"x19")
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
Ronnie Sox & Bud Martin's 65 Plymouth Belvedere FX Match-Racer was obviously one of the cars responsible for the term "Funny Car !" It was one of the very first competitive altered wheelbase stockers to be successful. It's funny looking wheelbase gave rise to the term "Funny Car." Contrary to popular belief, this was not one of the Chrysler build factory match racers, this car was built by Sox&Martin. It was said, that if the NHRA would have been aware of what the boys were doing to this Plymouth, they (being the NHRA) would not have allowed the wheelbase to be this altered. If that would have happened, would we have ever heard the term "Funny Car" ?
This car was nicknamed the "Paper Tiger." 1. Because it was so lightweight, and 2. Because the headers were tucked up close to the floorboards, they would resonate through the entire car, and give off a real growling sound. Another unique thing about this car was, the entire undercarriage was painted white. This was so the boys could see better beneath the car under the cover of darkness, during some of those late night match races. Hats off ! To one of Drag Racing's most historic, and to one of the original "Funny Cars," the "Paper Tiger!"

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