The Original "Hemi Cuda" Tom McEwen driving the Rear-engined Hemi Cuda

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13 x 19 ) Signed and numbered by Artist
Long before the tern "Hemi-Cuda" was ever uttered at the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction, this Cuda was helping to create the mystique, that would one day become that great "American Muscle Car." This 1965 Cuda was sponsored by the Southern California Plymouth Dealer's Association, and was originally driven by Tom McEwen. The car was later sold to Fred Goeske, who managed to get the mid-engine Cuda to run almost 200mph.
This image, painted by DCP, shows the Cuda doing a shake-down run at Lions late in the afternoon. You can see the big supercharged Hemi engine with it's open injectors, as it boils the hides down the track... Apparently, the shake-down runs even shook off most of the Plymouth letters across the trunk lid

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