“The Legend of Mr. Norm" (The Blue 65)

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 500 (13x19) prints
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
In the December 1983 20th Anniversary Issue of Super Stock Magazine, Mr. Norm's Car was ranked number 9, in their list of Top 10 "All Time Greatest" Funny Cars. 
Although the magazine was referring to Norm's 65 Coronet S/FXer in their list, they showed a pic of the 66 Charger. 
 The magazine story also described the Red and Silver 65 Coronet as setting a new track record at Lion's in early 66, when in fact it was the Blue car that set the record at an unheard of 8.63...the car was later repainted Red and Silver to match the color scheme of their new 66 Charger (the subject of an earlier painting) 
When Mr. Norm and driver Gary Dyer came on the scene in 65, they had an all steel Dodge Coronet Sedan... The pure horsepower from the Blown Hemi helped, but the car was ultimately outclassed by the lighter factory built FX Dodges that year...
The following year in 66, the team purchased Roger Lindamood's 65 "Color Me Gone" "Acid-Dipped" ultra-light car...They kept Roger's color scheme but changed the colors to light silver-blue metallic, and dark gun metal blue...
The first time out with the car, the new blown nitro motor literally bent car, it twisted the body right front of the rear wheels, which in turn blew the rear window out....
Perfect!  Now the car can't wheelstand because the chassis is already torqued. This may be one of reason's this car was such and "Ass-Kicker." 
In this image we see a match race between Mr. Norm's team, and the Factory backed Ramchargers in May of 1966 at Ubly Dragway. This is the final round of a "2 out of 3" match race,  won by Mr. Norm's potent Dodge, as the Ramchargers stood their new Dart on it's tail until halftrack..
Since the "Ramchargers " Dart was new and still getting sorted-out, Mr. Norm stuck "Driver in Training" Ron O'Donnell in the car for the match race.
The Awesome 65 Dodge went on to become a legendary Funny car in it's own right.         

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