"The Legend of Mr. Norm" (The 72 Challenger).... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
This was the second Dodge Challenger the Mr. Norm's team ran...This car was built by Romeo Palamedies in 72, and was the terror of the tracks...
By 1972 Gary Dyer was splitting driving duties with Kenny Safford. As Gary recalls, Kenny hit the guard rail early on in his driving stint, which wiped-out the nose of the car. This car wasn't painted, it was cast in Blue metal flake gel-coat and fiberglass.
 Molding the body to color instead of painting it, saved approximately 20lbs in weight. The body was simply put back in the mold, and the new nose was grafted on to it.
 Of coarse this left a big seam across the hood where the new nose was grafted on, so the boys got some gold-leaf  striping tape and just ran a band-aide over the seam. Hence the gold stripe on the front fender...
For those of you with real good eyes, don't email to tell me that Venolia is spelled wrong, that is the way it appeared on the car, and apparently I'm the first one to notice it. This a typical normal mistake for good sign painters. As they work to make sure the letters are shaped and positioned right, it's not uncommon to misspell or even leave letters out. My mentor Tom Stratton, once lettered Brad Anderson's FC car the "Jolly Ranher" leaving out the C. He also did one and turned the N upside to spell "Jolly Raucher". So it's not uncommon to see spelling mistakes in sign jobs, it is unusual that no one noticed until I did 35 years later...

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