Roland Leong's 82 Hawaiian Charger FC...Drag Racing Art Print

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Back N Blue N 82...
Limited-Edition Print (13" X 19") of 350 signed and numbered by the Artist..
In 1982, we find Mike Dunn driving Roland Leong's "Hawaiian" Blue Dodge Charger. After several years of campaigning multiple colored cars, the "Hawaiian," once again returned to it's traditional blue color. This was a short lived paint scheme however, as Roland would soon land the famed "Hawaiian Punch" sponsorship.
The real car was painted DCP's mentor, Tom Stratton, and featured a shade of blue, that seemed to reflect every other color around it. It gave the appearance of being a different color, every time it was photographed...
DCP captured the car here, in this photorealistic painting, doing a burnout at Seattle...David, being a stickler for colors, says," this is the closest thing I've seen to the actual color of the car." "This has always been one of my favorite cars for some reason ?" "It was simple and clean, but notice how the paint scheme seems to match the tent colors in the background. At the time, it was brilliant, and a very contemporary look, and it hauled-ass!"
If you're a fan of the "Hawaiian," this is a "Must-Have !" Who else but DCP, would do a painting of this fabulous Funny Car?
This is an awesome piece of Drag Racing History
This from a previous buyer of this print:

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