Plumber at Pomona! Bill Rieck's immaculate Aqua colored 66 Dodge Dart.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print 350 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the artist..
" I guess I'll have to finally admit that these 66 Dodge Dart bodied F/Xers were my favorite Funny Cars...Maybe it's because my big brother had a new Dart in 66, it was red with Cragar wheels, and as a kid, that was an awesome looking car to me..
The same could be said for Bill Rieck's immaculate Aqua colored 66 Dodge Dart..
I spent about an hour on the phone with Bill's widow reminiscing about Bill and his racing experiences...She told me this Dart body was the first all fiberglass body built by the Dodge factory... However, Bill and his buddies altered the body quite a bit from the factory version. 
They stretched the front end about 20" overall, and they moved the rear wheels forward. Since Dick Landy also had a Dart, Bill and his gang changed the rear window post ( C Pillar) to look like a Valiant instead of the Dart...The original bumpers and grill were fiber-glassed right on to the body...I always loved the Aqua color of this car, it was just very clean looking...
I found this image to paint, in my Bob Wagner photo collection...(There are several more paintings coming from that great collection.)  I'm glad I was finally able to do this painting of this truly memorable FX/er...I think it's the best image I've seen of the car.."

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