Goodwin's Green Bird! Goodwin & Swayne's Trans Am...Drag Racing Artist

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition of 350 (13"x19") 
Signed and number by the Artist.
Randy Goodwin and I basically started out in Drag Racing at the same time, the late 80s. Randy's first FC was one of my first designs, and it was Candy Aqua, with Magenta accents...It was the first Aqua car in drag racing (at least since Bill Rieck's Dart in 66), and it spawned a number of Aqua and Purple car designs. That color combo was very prevalent in the early nineties...
When it came to Randy's next car, ( he purchased Randy Anderson's "World Championship" Jolly Rancher car) it was to be a new Firebird body, and once again, Goodwin asked me what color would be Hot? When I said Green! he just sort of cringed, since green had always been bad luck in racing. Although, no one ever mentioned that to John Force, as his Green Castrol cars were dominating the sport at that time...So I managed to talk Goodwin into Green, and I did several ruff sketches for him to look at. After we made the decision of which scheme to use, there was only one person who could paint the car right, that was Billy B of "Krazy Kolors," in Clairmont, Ca.  Billy took over painting cars for my West Cost customers, after Stratton had passed away...I think Billy B is the finest custom painter in the country, and he is the Absolute Master at paint fades...Most of his time is taken-up with painting wild Hydro and flat-bottom Drag Boats, but he has painted some of the "Most" gorgeous cars in Drag racing...Randy's green Bird is no exception! 
This car was so beautiful that it won NHRA's coveted  "Best Appearing Car" award, twice, for it's incredible paint job. This car has always been one of my favorite designs, and I just thought I would make it available to all and spread the beauty around...

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