From RED to REVELL...Pisano & Matusbara's 71 to 73 Chevy Vega FC.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
If you were a Drag Racing fan in the 70s, this team was probably one of your favorites...Pisano & Matusbara's 71 to 73 Chevy Vega FC, was one of, if not the most popular team in Southern California, or the whole state for that matter...This car was originally adorned with a beautiful Candy Red paint job, and spoked wheels, making it one of the most beautiful Funny Car in the class...Then in 1973, Revell Models created a whole series of Drag Racing kits.  Their series of model kits was certainly the fore runner to today's diecast collectables...Revell quickly snatched-up one of Drag Racing's favorite teams, and repainted the car in yellow to attract attention on the track (Up until that time, yellow was a seldom used color in Funny Car racing), and on the store shelves...The flame motif was designed by Revell's staff, and the real car in this image was painted by the "Master"' Tom Stratton...Also gone are the spoked wheels, in favor of the new lighter aluminum rims...

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