"Charlie's Dart 67" Charlie Allen's 66/67 Dodge Dart.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19) signed and numbered by the Artist.
Charlie’s’ Dart first came to life in 1966, it started life with a stock wheelbase and evolved over the years. In mid 66 Charlie contracted George Britting Engineering to stretch the wheelbase to 114". Unlike Landy’s Dart, here only the front-end was stretched, leaving the rear wheels in almost the stock location, moving them forward only a couple of inches.
It was a steel body car with a steel frame, and it wore fiberglass doors, fenders and hood, with Plexiglas windows. 
In 66 the car was mounted with a Direct Drive unit, and (as seen here) in 67, an Art Carr Automatic trans was installed behind the 426 (Nitro burning) Injected Hemi.
            In 68 the car was fitted with a Supercharger in hopes of keeping competitive, but by midyear it was clear the car was obsolete, Charlie then sold the car to the Belanger Bros. The Belanger’s campaigned the car until 1971, when they sold it to Mike Garret. Mike ran the car as a Bracket Racer, until it was stolen never to be seen again. It was a sad ending to a car that was a real fixture of West Coast Drag Racing.
At the 1967 O.C.I.R Manufacture’s Meet, the car ran a 8.23 at 184.80mph.


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