"CANDY COLORS by Stratton" Randy Anderson's Trans Am...Drag Racing Artist

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition of 150 (13"x19") prints 
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
 I want to dedicate this print to my pal and Mentor the late Tom Stratton...
Tom put me in business back in the late 80s as a designer, and 14 years after his death, his influence in my life is still going strong.
The Anderson family cars of Randy and Shelly, were the last cars painted by Tom, and Randy's Trans Am was his final job...
As the story goes, I started with designing Brad Anderson's Red Jolly Rancher Trans Am. When it came time to apply that Red scheme to Shelly's Top Fueler, well, ex-Top Fuel pilot Lori Johns had something to say about it. She had hired designer Kenny Youngblood to design her Red Jolly Rancher Fueler, and Lori wasn't about to let Shelly drive a similar looking car. So the decision was made to redesign the whole team. The Anderson's contacted me and I redesigned their team colors...All I did was take the Jolly Rancher Candy box, and applied those colors to the cars...The only problem was, there were no Candy pastel colors to work with at that time ...Tom had to come-up with the colors himself, and he bitched all the way through the painting process, because he hated pastel colors...he would yell at me, "David! Don't ever use those damn pastel shades again, I like deep candy colors!"  (damn I miss that guy!)

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