"THUNDER N FLAMES" John Force's Chevy Lumina FC...Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition of 350 (13"x19") 
Signed and number by the Artist.
  I have along history with this painting, as I painted most of it in 1994. It was to be the follow-up piece to my (Sold-Out) 1993 "Championship Force" painting.  
I remember going to Force's  shop in late 93 to show him the "Championship Force" painting, and work-out a deal to do prints. John liked the painting, and we ironed out a deal to produce a "Limited-Edition" print of it.
After the meeting, John said, " jump in my car, I want to take you over to the paint shop and show you my new Hot Rod!" Low and behold I'm looking at a Chevy body with flames on it. "Where the Olds?" I ask... "Oh that's a done deal!" Force informs me. (Gee that's great! I just inked a deal, to spend a small fortune, to produce a print of a car that the "Champ" doesn't drive anymore!
I proceed to moan and grown at about the change of bodies, and John reassures me that the painting of the "Olds" will sell anyway, and for me not to worry...
John proceeds to tell me, that the flame job, is his way of expressing his impendence from " Castrol." John exclaimed, "I want it to be, John Force's Funny Car sponsored by "Castrol!  Not, the "Castrol" Funny Car driven by John Force!"
I completely agreed with his need for independence, but was still apprehensive about future sales of "Oldsmobile painting."
I released the "Championship Force" print, at about the same time the new Chevy body was unveiled, and to my surprise, John was right, sales of the print were strong...
I did this painting of the new Chevy Lumina, from an image I shot myself at the 94 "Winternationals." My late buddy, NHRA photog Leslie Lovett, would give me photo- passes, because, as he said, " David, I'd like to see what you see as an artist! So shoot whatever you want, but use your artist's eye, and show me what you shoot." Needless to say, I felt quite honored by his request, and those photo-pass days, were some of the best times I ever had at the tracks...
Just as I was hot to get this painting done for the 95 season, What does Force do? He inks a deal with "Pontiac," and cloaks his car with a new Firebird body ..."Oh No! I'm not going through this again!" So I park this painting in my archives and proceed to paint the" Bird of Prey" piece.
So now this painting is old enough to be "Nostalgia," I'm glad I was able to finish it and produce it now...
I hope you enjoy my version of "Thunder and Flames!"......DCP 
"Here we see Force in his debut of the "Lumina" in a last ditch qualifying attempt late on Saturday, going up against Jerry Caminito's "Blue Thunder" Olds..."  

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