The " Secret Weapon" ..."General" Roger Wilford and "Private" Ed Lenarth's Jeep Funny Car.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00


Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19) signed and numbered by the Artist.
“General" Roger Wilford and "Private" Ed Lenarth's "Secret Weapon" Jeep Funny Car is the epitome of why we all Loved Funny Cars in the 60s!
Not wanting to run the same type of car other racers were, and knowing the value of "Showmanship," Roger and Ed wanted something different. Built at a cost of $8,000, their 170 mph Army OD Green Jeep has struck fear into the hearts of many a competitor. the fiberglass bodied Jeep was powered by a Nitro burning 58 Chrysler 392, with 6:71 Roots blower and a Scott fuel injection system. The 112" wheelbase is floating on Sunbeam coil shocks at the rear, and Mare-Mount adjustable shocks at the front. A 1940 Ford provided the steering box controled by Ross gears. the car used a Schiefer flywheel and a 11" clutch plate and twine discs. the car was way ahead of it's time utilizing a slipper clutch instead of a transmission to get the power to the ground...
Having built several versions of the Jeep after this one, the team's biggest win for this first version came at the 1967 "Drag Strip Magazine Meet" at Lions winning the "Supercharged." division with a top speed of 172.08mph.  


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