Hurst's Hairy "Smog Monster" Olds.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print o f 350 (13x19) prints signed and numbered by the Artist.
After the roaring success of the 1965 tail standing "Hurst Hemi Underglass,"  the Hurst Shifters company had to come with something even more spectacular for the 66 season.  The answer was simple, Oldsmobile was about to introduce their new front wheel drive Toronado for 66, so why not develop a four-wheel drive exhibition car. The Toronado was not ready at the time, so Hurst grabbed an Olds 442 and stuffed it with twin nitro burning supercharged engines, one powering the front wheels and the other the back. It sure sounded good in theory, but in reality what they created was a "Smog Monster!" 
Nothing smoked the tires harder then the 'Hairy Olds" did. When the driver ( Gentleman Joe) stomped on the pedal, the car would naturally unload on to the rear wheels, this would lighten the front-end allowing the front tires to blaze away... The car was also outfitted with those weed-burner type headers which would blow the smoke 40' out of both sides of the car. If you were watching a run, as soon as the car passed you it was lost in the clouds of smoke. 
The roar of the twin engines and the clouds of smoke made the "Hairy Olds" one of the most "booked" exhibition cars of its day. The car continued to thrill fans until 1969...   

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