"CHARLIE'S DART " Charlie Allen's 69 Dodge Dart.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
Charlie Allen surprised everyone by winning the 1969 Hot Rod Magazine Meet at Riverside Raceway. It was a surprise because everyone thought Mickey Thompson's Mustang would take another win. The M.T. Mustangs had been virtually unbeatable for the 69 season, and the HRM Meet was no exception, until the final round that is. Pat Foster driving Mickey's Red Stang, broke an input shaft on the start, allowing Charlie's Dart to streak to the Win!  As you can see in this awesome painting, everyone's attention, including the camera man is focused on MT's Red Mustang coming up behind Charlie's car. The Mustang broke right at the start, and Charlie's Dart covered the quarter mile in 7.48 seconds at 196 mph for the victory...
     It's interesting to note how high off the ground the Dart is, especially by today's standards. What little front spoiler the car did have, kept it from going air bourn. Once the cars started to exceed 200 mph, everyone had to rethink the aerodynamics of these potent machines. At this point in time, the cars still very much resembled they're street driven counterparts. This "Contemporary Fiberglass" created Dart body, is so stock in appearance, that it even has the holes where the windshield wipers would be located. The only thing missing from this race car body, are the door handles...
     "I hope you guys enjoy my latest Riverside piece...A special Thanks goes out to my Late Buddy Leslie Lovett, for capturing a scene from my childhood so I could paint it almost 40 years later...DCP" 

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