The “Terror of So. Cal”....Beebe Bros.& Sixt

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00


Limited-Edition print (13"x19")of 660 signed and number by the Artist
In 1966 along came another Purple Dragster that would tear up the Drag Strips in Southern California. When the Beebe Bros.& Sixt debuted their new car, they not only terrorized the So Cal Drag Strips, but they struck fear in the hearts of their competitors as well.
The Purple beast was virtually unbeatable for the first three months it was campaigned. Right out of the box, this car set new track records at Irwindale and Long Beach, which at the time was the Mecca of hardcore drag racing. Dave Beebe drove the car to a 7.52 at Irwindale, and a 7.46 at Long Beach. The best speed at that time was 213.76mph, blazing the tires all the way down the track
Lee Sixt built the relatively short 143" wheelbase car himself (except for the body built by Doug Kruse), including designing and manufacturing many of the engines components.
To me, as an artist, this style of dragster epitomizes what drag racing is all about. At the time of this writing this car is close to 50 years old, but stylistically, this will forever be the shape that defines the word, "Dragster !"

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