Rail-Job.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of  350 (13x19) prints
Signed and numbered by the Artist. 
This is a painting for my book project, and it is a real car, circa 1953. 
As cars were stripped-down to their frame rails, leaving nothing but the essential parts to make it run, it is easy to see where the term "Rail-Job" came from...I don't know who this brave soul is, but he is one of the reasons NHRA developed the 'Safety Safari." (Thank goodness for that!) A few more driver deaths from cars like this, could have stopped Drag Racing in it's proverbial tracks...(Thanks Wally for saving the sport!)
This rail-job is running a "flathead" engine, probably on Nitro. The gas tank is between the rear wheels, and the driver is most likely sitting on something like a tractor seat. If he did have a lap belt on, it would have been to hold him down to the seat, and certainly had nothing to do with safety, as one slight mishap would have sent him flying out of the car. Rail-jobs like this could reach speeds of 115mph or more in a quarter mile. That would be one scary ride!  

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