"Tanqueray Flambé" ......Bobby Tapia and Larry Stellings.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of  500 (13x19) prints
Signed and numbered by the Artist. 
In January 1965, Bobby Tapia teamed up with car owner Larry Stellings to pilot the "Tanqueray" Top Fueler...
From its sparkling Metalflake Tangerine paint job to it’s beautifully sculpted Tom Hanna designed body, this was one gorgeous car
The tangerine beast was a monster from the start, as Bobby put away none-other then "Big Daddy" at the 65 "Smokers" event in Bakersfield, and then made it into the Semi-Finals at the  "Hot Rod" meet in Riverside. 
The summer of 1965 was the height of Top Fuel match racing across the country, and in this painting we find the Stellings and Tapia at the "Beach," in a 2/3-match race with the B&M Torquemaster car, driven by Kenny Safford. 
Bobby ran 209.78 in the first match, to smash the "Lion's" track record. Safford to took the second round match, while Bobby came back to win the third...Can you smell the Nitro?

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