“SMOKE N SHADOWS" Fontana 64

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19) prints signed and numbered by the Artist.
What could be more thrilling then experiencing the Smoke and Thunder of Nitro Burning Dragsters on a Sunday afternoon at Fontana Drag City?
As the sun settles in the western sky, the shadows grow long in the rising clouds of smoke; an explosion of sound shakes the earth making your ears ring, the ground trembles as the pungent sweet fumes of Nitro Methane burn your eyes like tear gas. In a split second, the scene before your eyes has vanished into a cloudy haze. With watery eyes and tears running down your cheeks, you realize that you have just experienced something terrifyingly heroic, absolutely mesmerizing, and wonderfully unique!   
With the nitro fumes still burning your eyes, the scene is now also burned into your memory banks, never to be forgotten. 
If you were there, it got in your blood. If you were there, it got in your heart. If you were there, you’ve loved it ever since…
In this scene we see Jack Williams in the far lane, taking on Ed Pink’s “Old Master” Fueler in the near lane.

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