Creitz & Greer 1967 AA/FD....... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00


Limited-Edition of 660 (13"x19")
signed and numbered by the Artist
This car certainly qualifies as one of the "Most-Beautiful" Dragsters of all time...
Some Drag Racing aficionados would argue that this car is the perfect example of form- to-function, and it demonstrated the “height of elegance,” when words like style, or beauty, were mentioned. Compared to modern day cars, it would be like comparing a P-51 Mustang to an F18 Hornet, nonetheless, there is no denying the graceful bodylines of this car.
The car was 1965 Woody Gilmore Chassis with the body fabricated by “Master Craftsman” Tom Hanna. A Supercharged Nitro burning 392 Chrysler Hemi, utilizing direct drive, powered the sleek beauty.
At the 67 WinterNationals with driver Gene Goleman at the wheel, the car set a new NHRA ET record at 7.26 seconds and was runner-up at the event. Sadly later that year on July 7th Gene would loose his life in the car in a high-speed top end accident, at Great Lakes Drag-a-Way in Union Grove, Wisconsin.
Earlier that day during Qualifying, Gene had run his quickest time ever, a 7.23 at 223mph. In the First Round of Eliminations a strong wind buffeted the car causing to veer into the center timing lights, this caused the car to roll end over end past the finish line. Gene suffered sever head and chest trauma caused by being crushed by the engine. He was transported to the Hospital but passed away with the hour…  

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