Cook & Bedwell's "TopDog".... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
On February 2, 1957 the slide rule engineers released a report stating that a Dragster would never exceed 160mph in a quarter mile. On February 3, 1957 Cook & Bedwell's 'U-Fab Special" dragster ran 166.97mph at "Lions" Associated Drag Strip. They followed up with a 163.63 run at Bakersfield, and on May 5, 1957 they set the top MPH mark at 168.85mph at Colton's Drag Strip in Southern California. Unofficially the car had run as quick as 8.89et, making it the first Dragster to run in the 8 second bracket. 
San Diego residents Emory Cook and Cliff Bedwell, purchased a chassis and built their car in 1956 powered by a Mercury Flathead motor. They soon found the needed more power, so they borrowed a big Chrysler motor from the "Bean Bandit" team. The power of the big Chrysler promptly busted the frame rails of the car, so it was back to the shop to rebuild. 
Cook bought his own 56 Chrysler hemi and he and Bedwell rebuilt the car around the motor. All that was saved from the original car was the Norden steering, Cook's rear axel, the Moon fuel tank and throttle assemble. 
Bruce Crower built the 354 himi using his own "U-Fab" duel log manifold topped with 6 Stromberg carburetors. A twin disc Schiefer clutch hooked the power drive directly to the rear axel.
For the rest of the year, the Cook & Bedwell's "U-Fab Special" remained undefeated, becoming the "Top Dog" in 1957. 
Seen in this image; after setting the new record of 168.85 at 9am in the morning at the Colton's Drag Strip, this is a pass made a little after noon. The front body shell had been removed and a movie camera was mounted on the front to record what a record setting pass looked like from the car's point of view. With cameras at the ready, and the "Top Dog" loaded for bear , Emory blazes the "Bruce" slicks on another unbelievable run...   

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