Victory in the Vineyards... Blaine Johnson...Drag Racing Print

The Art Of David Carl Peters

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 "Victory in the Vineyards"...
A Limited-Edition Print of 1,000 (23.5"x31") Signed and Numbered by the Artist
A special story from the artist about this painting:
"I have a great emotional attachment to this painting. You see, two weeks before the Races in Sonoma 1996 one of my best friends in the sport, Leslie Lovett (
NHRA's Award Winning Photographer) passed away of a sudden heart attack while on a fishing trip. I went to the race at Sonoma with a heavy heart, as did most of the racers, and it was there I met Blaine Johnson. When they rolled Blaine's car out of the trailer, it had my paint scheme on it. I had designed this paint scheme for the Navy and for another car owner. Unbeknownst to me, the other car owner and the Johnson's had joined forces, and the would-be Navy deal was going to Blaine. Well, I certainly was happy about that! Blaine and I made plans for me to do this print, as he was surely going to be the new Top Fuel Champion. I went home and got started on the painting. I had only painted the rear wing with the inscription of "In Memory of Leslie Lovett" on it when Blaine was tragically killed at Indy. I won't go into what that did to me emotionally at this time, but needless to say, I didn't work on the painting after that. I just couldn't look at the car. Then about two years later, my Dad ( a retired Navy man) asked me what ever became of that Navy painting I had started ? I explained to him what happened, and after we discussed it, he convinced me to restart and finish the painting. One, as a tribute to Blaine, and two, to help me get past that horrible day at Indy. With a somewhat rejuvenated enthusiasm I started work again on the piece. I no sooner got started again when my 84 year old Father's health, took a turn for the worst. He was hospitalized with a failing heart, and was sinking fast. I spent as much time with him as I could at the hospital, and then I would go home and throw myself into the fine details of this painting. Thank God for those details to get lost in ! Then within two weeks, I held my Dad's hand for the last time as we took him off life-support. He passed away within moments. My dad was a contractor, and he spent his life building homes for people to live their lives in. He always taught me to be perfectionist, and always, always finish what you start. I didn't go back into my studio for about a week, and I had forgotten all about the painting. When I sat down to work on it again, I realized it was finished, all I did was sign it...This one is for them,,, Leslie, Blaine, and most of all my Dad who convinced me to finish it, and to and help me through a really time." DCP

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