The Launch....signed and number by Scott Kalitta and the Artist....Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 60.00

Limited-Edition of 500 (23.5"x23.5") signed and number by Scott Kalitta and the Artist.
Drag Racing can be such a heart-breaker at times. I shudder to think of how many friends I've lost in this sport over the last two decades. It never gets easier, and it's always a shock, even though we are all aware of the danger. I was shocked, and tremendously saddened to hear about Scotty's tragic accident...  
        Out of all the racers I've dealt with doing these prints, Scotty was the Koolest! He had just won the Top Fuel Championship in 95, when I walked up to him and introduced myself. I said "Hi Scott, I'm Dave Peters." he said, "Yeah I know who you are." I told him that I wanted to do a painting of the car, and do prints. He said, "That sounds kool, call me when it's done!" We then shook hands, and the deal was made, nice and simple. The next time I saw Scott was at the race in Sonoma where he was to sign the edition...
           That race was a tumultuous weekend for me, because my friend Leslie Lovett (NHRA Photo editor ) had just passed away. Scott and I had agreed to sign the Artist Proofs with "In Memory of Leslie Lovett" inscribed on it. Also the same weekend, I was chasing John Force all over the pits to have him sign the "Bird of Prey" edition. I had pre-sold about 50 of the prints, and was in a real panic to get all the prints signed...After spending the whole day running from John's pits to Scott's, I was getting pretty frustrated. It seems everyone wanted a piece of these 2 "World Champs". 
         Finally, Scotty showed up, he sat down and signed and number of prints until his wrist got tired. He hadn't signed half the edition yet, when he gave up for the day. That was on Friday, so all day Saturday, I was working on him to come back and sign the rest of the prints, but I knew I wasn't getting anywhere. I really needed him to sign the rest of the prints, but Saturday came and went, and he never showed to finish signing. I knew what demands were placed on Scotty at the track, but now I was in a panic. It was Sunday morning, (Race Day), and I knew it would be impossible to get him back during the race to sign, and then I saw the answer to my problem drive in... I saw his new wife Kathy drive into the track, so I knew what to do...Kathy was getting put of the car when I introduced myself. She knew who I was, and she complimented me on the painting. I told her my situation, and that panic was setting in, because this would be the only time Scotty could sign the prints. I asked her if she could help me out, she said she would take care of it...
       Well, first round started, and Scotty lost right off. I thought to myself, "Oh Great! now I'll never see him." Much to my surprise, 10 minutes later, he walked in to sign the rest of the prints! You can all Thank Kathy for getting these prints done, and Scott was very nice about the whole deal. He was in a great mood (even though he lost), and he seemed to enjoy getting away from the pits for a while, and hanging out in a quieter place. The original painting left with Scotty, and I'm proud that its hanging in his home somewhere. 
All that knew him, will miss Scotty, he was a quiet, soft spoken guy, and a real Gentleman. He was very nice to me at a time when I needed it the most. 
" God's Speed" Buddy!  

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