The "First" Santa Ana Drags 

The Art Of David Carl Peters

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Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
In 1950, the first formal Drag Races were organized by CJ Heart and the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA). 
These first Airstrip Drag Races were held at the Naval Air Station in Santa Ana (now Tustin) California. Originally built as a blimp base in 1942, the predominant characteristic of this field were its two extremely large blimp hangars. Following the end of World War II in 1949, the Navy decommissioned the "Santa Ana Navel Air Station," and in 1951 it was transferred to the Marine Corps , and was renamed the "Marine Corps Air Facility Santa Ana." 
By 1953, the Races were moved from the Military Base to just about a mile away  onto Santa Ana's Civilian Commercial Airstrip, now known as John Wayne Airport. It was there that Drag Racing became formalized and started it's march into the mainstream American culture.
In this scene we see two 32 High-Boy "Car Club" Roadsters slowly rolling towards "Pappy" for the Green Flag Start. Rolling starts were utilized then as a way to help prevent drivetrain breakage. 
This race is between the "Road Kings" roadster on the left from the "Simi Valley", and the 'Block Busters" car on the right from "Livermore" in Northern California. 
The track is lined from start to finish with tee-shirt wearing "Hot Rodders," seen then as the "dangerous breed," as evidenced by the Motorcycle Patrolmen cruising up and down in front of the crowds. 
These races were and attempt to make the cities safe again from these "Crazed Drag Racers," by getting them off the streets and onto the track to race... 
Thankfully for us, this scheme by Law Enforcement worked, giving us one of America's Greatest Spectator Sports,,, Drag Racing...       

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