Raising Hell N Fontana ! Pure Hell Fuel Altered.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

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Limited-Edition Print of 500 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
If my memory serves me correct, ( and believe me, I have to have both brain cells firing to remember anything these days) I remember my (Late) buddy Bob Wagner, telling me he had a shot of "Pure Hell's" debut...I didn't pay much attention to that statement at the time, because Bob was always telling me stories like that. He promised to show me the photos someday, but he passed away (at the young age of 52) before that happened....As I was digging through his photo archives, I ran across the "Pure Hell" pic...I was completely taken aback by this great moment of drag racing history captured here in this image...I knew this was the shot that I wanted to paint. Not only because it was "Pure Hell", but also because of how it captures the feeling of that iconic drag strip known simply as " Fontana."
It was over two decades ago, when Bob told me about "Pure Hell's" debut. I don't remember our whole conversation, so right now I can't back-up the Bob's claim about PH's debut, but I will research it further I promise you that. (Ok, this is the car's debut in So Cal, and at Fontana. The car is so fresh at this point, that the paint was probably still wet.)  
I spent a good month working on this painting, trying to capture the details of all the cars in the staging lanes, and trying to create and capture that "Fontana" feel!   In the distance you can see the windswept Eucalyptus trees that populates alot of this area of So Cal...This area of Fontana, is the corridor where the "Santa Ana " winds to come ripping down from the high desert...Even a brick tower was built for the track to withstand the sometimes 60 mph winds...In the painting's background, you can see a truck cruising down "Foothill" Blvd, (the infamous Route66) where the track was located. I like this scene, looks like a weekday afternoon and the staging lanes are full of all the local guys getting ready to run. On the left side of the tower, you can see some buddies who ditched HS class to sneak out to the track...As for the "Pure Hell" seen here, it does look like an very early version of the car...The small block Chevy has only small 8" headers, which I've never seen in any other picture, and, Dale Emery's firesuit looks "brand spanking new."  So that does seem to go along with Bob's story....
This is certainly how I remember "Fontana," just this simple strip right off Foothill Blvd.  You could just pull in, pay $5.00, uncork your muffler and go make some noise running your bomb down the track...What a Wonderful time!  Please visit the "Latest News" at DragRacingArtist.Com for the complete Fontana Story...
I really enjoyed doing this painting, I hope you enjoy it also....DCP 

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