"Purple Haze 1967....“Purple Gang" AA/FD, owned by Ronnie Rapp, Vince Rossi and Chayo Maldonado and driven by Gary Gabelich. ..Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 29.50

Limited-Edition of 850 (28"x22") signed and numbered by the Artist..
.As seen in the DVD series " Lion's, the Greatest Drag Strip" in the Ronnie Rapp interview ..
The Purple Gang" AA/FD with Gary Gabelich (minus the plume) behind the wheel.. This painting depicts one of Southern California's AA/FD
heroes , as he demonstrates why So Cal was so smoggy in the late sixties and early seventies, as he "Boils the hides " at lions Drag Strip on a late afternoon
This surrealistic image covers the complete Violet spectrum. From the amber colored sunset, through the cool violet skies, to the glint of light off a candied purple helmet..
This has been one of our more popular prints, and
therefore , we only have about 130 or so left form the production of 850. Don't miss collecting this historic classic print.

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