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Long before TV popularized Custom Car Designing, there were a handful of designers quietly working away, creating the industry that television has just recently discovered. One such artist is David Carl Peters of Design Tech Graphics. David has graphically designed cars for the biggest names in the sport Drag Racing. Since starting his graphics design business in 1988, David has designed over 1,200 cars for NHRA and IHRA Drag Racing, the Custom Car and Pro Street circuits. He has earned more the 100 "Best Appearing Car" awards for his creative graphic designs.

When asked how he managed to stay under the radar, and became one of Motorsports best kept secrets? David replied: "I've always let word-of-mouth spread my name around. I just wanted to concentrate on producing quality work, so I’ve spent very little time advertising or trying to sell myself. Unfortunately, and contrary to popular belief, talent doesn't sell itself."

David was born and raised in Southern California. He attended his first drag race in the mid sixties, and has been hooked on the sport ever since. He got his start in the graphic design business in the late 80s with the help of three friends, legendary custom painter Tom Stratton, NHRA photographer Leslie Lovett, and artist Kenny Youngblood. David recalls, “Leslie drug me into the sport, Tom gave me my first jobs, and Kenny gave me moral support.”

David's graphic designs have been seen by millions, and are always on the cutting edge. His unique graphic paint schemes have made him one of the most copied designers in the field, although most people outside of the industry are unaware of David*s work. His influence has spread from the model car industry to Die-casts, from Show-cars to Hot Rods, from boats to bikes, from planes to trucks and big rigs, from complete team layouts to racing apparel, to jet and water skies, video and CD covers. He pioneered the motif of the shredded paint designs, when he crafted Jack Clark's "Taco Bell" Top Fueler, back in 1993. “I did a ton of shredded paint designs in the early 90s, now it’s a common theme seen just about everywhere.

As well as his graphic design work, David is also a Fine-Art Airbrush Artist, and has produced more than 150 different limited-edition prints of his photorealistic artwork.

He has been commissioned by several NHRA World Champions to produce Signed Limited-Edition prints, including (2) Sold-Out Limited-Editions of the Funny Car Champion John Force.   He also did the only official, authorized and signed print commemorating Kenny Bernstein's breaking of the 300mph barrier, as well as, 5 Time Top Fuel Champ Joe Amato, the late Scott Kalitta's Championship car, Tony Pedregon, and a tribute to the late great Blaine Johnson.

David's current ambitious project is an illustrated history of the sport of Drag Racing is now being compiled for publishing. It is a history of Drag racing from an artistic point of view, dedicated to the aesthetic qualities of Hot Rodding, rather then just a collection of record setting cars.

David is now turning his Artistic eye towards the World of “Aviation Art.” With his keen eye for detail and unique high-tech airbrush style of artwork, he is sure to add a new field of vision to this time-honored genre.


                                         Partial List of Clientele:


John Force, Kenny Bernstein, Tony Schumacher, Joe Amato, Cory Mac, Scott Kalitta, Morgan Lucas, Dick LaHaie, Roland Leong, Jim Dunn, Al Hofmann, Blaine Johnson, Brad Anderson, Shelly and Randy Anderson, K.C. *Hollywood* Spurlock, Del Worsham, Phil Burkhart Jr., Bill Miller, Roger Primm, Larry Minor, Billy Lynch, Tony Pedregon, Frank Pedregon, Cruz Pedregon, Don Lampus, Clayton Harris, Jack Clark, Wyatt Radke, Ray Strasser, Jim Murphy, Goodwin and Swayne, Mark Thomas, Tim Slagle, Lou Gasperelli, Mark Woz, Jerry Darien, Jerry Maddern, Gary Turner, , Darrel Hitchman, Mark Pawuk, George Marnell, Warren Johnson, Ray Franks, Ritchie Stevens, Andy Mana Jr., Jeff Krug, Frank Iaconio, Berry Grant, Brad Klein, Jerry Haas, Jerry Beckle, Don Ness, Rick Jones, Willy Rells, Tim McKamis, Gary Hansen, Jim DeFrank and Sons, Doug Lambeck, Mike Ashley, Ed Hoover, Rod Saboury, Darrell Waltrip, Sterling Marlin, Terry Labonte, to name but a few.


Corporations: N.H.R.A., I.H.R.A., R.J. Reynolds, Proctor and Gamble, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Universal Studios, The Discovery Channel, Harley-Davidson, Northwest Airlines, Pontiac Motorsports Division, Valvoline, Mobile One, Slick 50, Texaco-Havoline, Prolong Lubricants, Western Auto, Parts America, Jolly Rancher, Sanyo, McDonalds, Taco Bell, In-n-Out Burger, Ralphs, Food for Less, Big Lots, Miller Beer, Budweiser, Coors Light, Skoal, DuPont, PPG, Spies/Hecker, ValSpar, Ohio Natural Gas, Ethanol, Jegs, Summit, Kodak, Konica, Rush Limbaugh Inc., Ross Perot 96, Penthouse, Revell Monogram, Tyco Toys, Hollywood Video, Blockbuster and Lightworks Video.


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PS. Before David started Design Tech Graphics, he worked for Revell Models as their exclusive Display and Box Cover Model builder. He also produced several Museum quality replicas, for several big name Drag Racers. (His Hawaiian Punch Daytona Funny Car was featured on the cover of “Scale Auto Enthusiasts”.) His model business “Racing Replicas,” produced a series of Resin Cast Funny Car bodies, so model builders at the time, could build current running FCs. (This was featured in National Dragster.) David introduced, and was the first to use Resin in casting model parts… Now, Resin Casting has become it’s own Cottage Industry, but it all started at David’s Racing Replicas.