"PSYCHO PSTANG " owned by Pat Mahnken and Ralph Snodgrass.... Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00


Limited-Edition Print of 350 (13x19)
Signed and numbered by the Artist.
This is another one of my all time personal favorites, it is a painting that has been hanging in my living room for years now. My "Late" buddy Bob Wagner did the photo spread of this car for "Hot Rod" Magazine, and it was one of his images that I painted...As a kid, I thought the "Psycho" Mustang owned by Pat Mahnken and Ralph Snodgrass, was the 'Most" exotic car in Drag Racing.
Maybe it was the narrow short wheelbase, or that big blown motor sticking out of the hood, or that "Bitchen" Candy "School Bus Yellow" paint job, that made this car so outstanding; whatever the reason, this car was awesome!  The car would rock back and forth from side to side as it blazed the tires on each pass...With Larry Barker behind the wheel, the Yellow Pstang did win "Super Eliminator" at the 67 "Hot Rod Magazine" meet at Riverside. 
This is another car that stands alone, on it's own, so I felt it was quite appropriate to do this portrait as just the car by itself...

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