"Leroy Chadderton! " Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 25.00

A Limited-Edition of 350 prints( 13x 19") signed and numbered by the Artist.
Leroy and I go back to the start of my art career, he was my mentor's (Tom Stratton) best friend. We would go to lunch together every Monday. Leroy and I would argue over just about everything, and Tom would be laughing so hard that he would fall out of the booth. To this day, I would say Leroy has one of the fastest thinking minds I have ever met, and we had some great debates (great fun!).
This was a piece of art I did for for Leroy, to raise some funds for his fight with Cancer. (Sdaly he is no longer with us!) The art was used on tee shirts and some posters...This piece was done a little different then other paintings, as the art was done mainly with markers, just to give it that edge needed in tee-shirt design. It has much more of an artistic look to it, as opposed to the more recent photogenic type pieces I've painted..
This image features Leroy with only 4 of his many rides, but these are the cars we remember the most.. Leroy was known as the "Original Badboy!" as he tore up the tracks with his screaming "Magnificent 7" Fuel Altereds...He certainly was a "Driver's" driver...An injured back cut his driving career short, when the Funny Car he was driving got stuck in reverse, and slammed backwards into a truck. 

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