Commisioned Hot Rod & Race-Car Paintings and Portraits,,, Automotive and Aircraft Illustrations by David Carl Peters

The Best Kept Secret in the Automotive Industry is that I do Commissioned Motorsports Portraits (Paintings), specializing in Hot Rods, Race-cars, General Automotive, Aircraft and Boats .

Affordable prices very dependent on size and the amount of background detail. Painting can be as simple as the subject on a white-background, or a complete scene can be created.

If you are interested by contact via email at I will then provide contact information phone numbers and very reasonable prices…

Below are a few samples of my airbrush paintings of various subjects and sizes… 

A recent SEMA Show project for RSO Performance in San Jacinto Ca....

This is a Hot Rod Commission titled "One 32 in the Afternoon"  20"X30"


Nostalgia Drag Racing Commission, 13'x19

Simple Race Car Commission 14"x24"

Simple Dragster Commission, no background 20"x30"

Complex Racing scene, 13"X32"

Static image on White background, 20"X30"

Present for Shayna, 13"x26"

"Bella" 13" x 22"...

"Bella II" 13"x 22"


CC-17 Globe Master for created for March AFB Museum.