Bakersfield Blues...Mooneyham, Ferguson, Jackson, and Faust the “Jungle 4,” Drag Racing Art

The Art Of David Carl Peters

$ 29.50

    Limited-Edition of 1000 (26.5"x20")
Signed and numbered by the Artist.    
   By 1965 team of Gene Mooneyham, Wayne Ferguson, Jerry Jackson, and Larry Faust called themselves the “Jungle 4,” but due the Faust’s nickname “Jungle Larry,” the team became known as the “Jungle 4.” Ronnie Rapp gave Faust the nickname “Jungle Larry” in 1962, when Larry was making “Tarzan” calls when being pushed to the starting line while driving the “554” Coupe. At the starting line, Ronnie leaned in the car and said, “Boy! We to call you ”Jungle”! Later that night at the bar everyone started calling Larry “Jungle,” the name just stuck and soon enough the whole team adopted it.
This Woody Gilmore car was originally built in late 1962 after the team sold the “554” Coupe and the previous ex “Hustler II” dragster. Larry recalls, that sometime in 64 while racing at Fontana the push truck drove the car into a telephone pole tearing the front end off the car. The car was taken back the Gilmore’s shop to be rebuilt, and it was then that wheelbase was stretched to it’s currant 142.” It ran relatively small 56 Chrysler 354ci. Engine topped off with an Enderle injector. Low elapsed time for the car was an unofficial 7.50 at Fontana, but they set the record at Lions with a 7.53, top speed was 208.32 recorded at Lions and Fontana both, they also ran 207.84 at Riverside.
To me as a kid, this sparkling Blue and Silver Metalflake paint job was the epitome of “Bitchen!”
Seen here in 1965 as the original “Jungle” screams down the Formosa Raceway in Bakersfield...

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